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Contemporary Havdalah Set - Pearl/Gold

Contemporary Havdalah Set - Pearl/Gold

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Tray 8.5'' x 8.5 - Cup 6'' H - Spice Holder 3.5'' H

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Dimensions:Tray 8.5'' x 8.5 - Cup 6'' H - Spice Holder 3.5'' H


This beautiful glass havdalah set includes all the items needed - a cup, candle and besomim Spice Box holder along with a rounded square matching plate.  Artistically decorated this set has a pearl and gold design with bronze colored plaques accenting each piece.  A plaque which reads “Boreh Pri Hagafen”, the blessing made on wine and grape juice, decorates the cup.  The plate has a plaque which reads “Hamavdil Bein Kodesh L’Chol”, He who separates the holy from mundane.   This lovely havdala set will surely take center stage during the Havdalah ceremony.

The Lily Art collection is recognized as a leader in unique Israeli Judaica design.