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About Us

Shalom. Welcome to Judaica Unlimited.

Judaica Unlimited is a family owned business that knows and feels that tradition is personal to individuals and families. We understand that any event being observed, should be done with the most proper, suitable and correct Judaica to enhance your special occasion.

Located in the center of Brooklyn, New York, the pulse of Jewish life outside of Israel, we serve all broader communities with all their Judaica needs. We deliver your Judaica shopping experience to your fingertips without having to travel to outlets that are by far more limited.

As a leader in the Judaica market, we have established close relationship with the biggest Judaica manufacturers and distributers in Israel and abroad. Our experience and knowledge enables us to bring you the finest quality and largest selection available anywhere. Our many satisfied customers have been returning to us, relying on us for our reliability, service and great prices.

When shopping for your Judaica items, we know that you are not going on your regular click-‘n-ship odyssey. The Jewish faith is based upon traditions, linking individuals and families to the culture and customs of their fathers. The Jewish life and yearly cycle are often observed and celebrated on the achievement of a milestone. They take place in varied settings, from the home, places of worship to elegant ballrooms. These milestones vary from daily, weekly, yearly and even once in a lifetime. We realize that purchasing Judaica items is demonstrative of a passion for the tradition and as such deserves a unique and distinctive shopping experience.

It’s been an honor for the family to participate in thousands of meaningful occasions worldwide. The yearly calendar is replete with various Yomim Tovim, Holidays.

  • The Jewish year begins with the High Holy Holidays starting with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. It is celebrated with food dipped in honey, laid in decorative honey dishes, symbolizing a sweet year. It is also a time when the shofar, a ram’s horn, is blown commemorating the sacrifice of our patriarch Isaac, son of Abraham.
  • Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement, known to be the holiest day of the year, when the men wear the traditional garb of kittels and white kippot. A memorial candles is lit for the yizkor remembrance service.
  • The high holidays is followed by Sukkot, also known as the Feast of Tabernacles or Feast of Booths. During the holiday of Succot there is a Jewish tradition to make a blessing over an etrog and lulav. They are kept in beautiful etrog boxes and lulav holders for the arba'at ha-minim, the Four Species, which enables easy handling and convenient storage. The days of Succot are celebrated with a succah, a temporary booth, which is adorned with various sukkah decoration.
  • Simhat Torah, which is the holiday that we rejoice with the Torah scrolls by all, adults and children alike. Children enjoy dancing along using their toy torah scrolls.
  • Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, a time when Menorahs are lit, dreidels are played and chanuka gifts are given at family chanukka gatherings.
  • The happy holiday of Purim is the most festive and joyful day in the Jewish calendar. On Purim, Megillat Esthers is read while the graggers are sounded. Mishloach Manot, (Purim Baskets) are exchanged by children and adults dressed up in Purim costumes all add spirit to the most joyous day of the year.
  • Passover, the celebration of the Exodus of the Jewish nation out of ancient Egypt, is ritually commenced over the Seder. The seder night is climatic to Jewish tradition and many different Jewish customs are practiced. The seder table is majestically set with the traditional Pesach articles, including a seder plate, Kiddush cups, Matazah trays and covers, Cup of Elijah and Haggadot for all ages.

In Jewish tradition the life cycle has many commemorative celebrations. The birth of a newborn baby boy is celebrated with a bris mila, a circumcision, where the baby is adorned with a brit tallit and kippah, laid upon a fine brit pillow. A Bar and Bat Mitzvah is a most memorable milestone when the girl or boy reach adulthood. Tallit and Tefilin sets are commonly presented as well as jewelry and other gifts at the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party. The unique Jewish wedding requires various religious articles including a chuppah, kesubah and wedding bands. At Judaica Unlimited we also carry a wide array of wedding gifts to suit every taste and budget.

Shabbat is the highlight of the week in every Jewish home. At Judaica Unlimited you will find all articles needed to celebrate Shabbos. We carry a variety of candlesticks which are lit to usher in the Sabbath. We also have an extensive collection of items to adorn the Shabbos table including challah covers, challah trays, challah knives and Kiddush cups. Havdalah candles come in many colors and styles and are used at the Havdalah prayer which is said at the very end of the day.

From the many household and every-day items, Judaica Unlimited has it all. Mezuzot, washing cups, kipot, tzizit to name a few. Israeli, modern, contemporary or traditional – we have it all! For every budget and taste, we are confident you will be satisfied with the selection.

Special attention given to Synagogue and Temple need, we will furnish and supply them all.

Whether purchasing for personal use or for a gift, we are here to transform the event into an extraordinary occasion – Your satisfaction is our goal!

At Judaica Unlimited we are here to help you in every step of your shopping experience, making it easy, enjoyable and satisfying.

Wishing you much mazal (luck),

The Judaica Unlimitishpacha (family)