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Tefillin Bag

Embroidered Blessing Tallit / Tefillin Bag

Navy/Silver 8.5'' X 7.5

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Navy/Silver 8.5'' X 7.5:

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Select your choice of font style and color from the drop down list below. For Hebrew characters please make sure to use the Hebrew keyboard in addition to selecting a Hebrew font style. A minimum charge of $1.00 per character will be added to your order. Please allow additional 4-5 business days for personalized orders

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This navy colored velvet tallit/tefillin bag has the full Hebrew blessing embroidered with the scroll font with silver colored thread. The full blessing of said on a tallit or tefillin, depending on what size/style is selected, is neatly embroidered in a stacked column on the right hand side of the bag.

This bag is available as a tallit and tefillin set as well as separate Tallit and Tefillin sizes.

This bag has the option of adding custom embroidery with Hebrew or English characters. An optional clear plastic slip-on protective bag is available.