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Kos Shel Miriam With Plate - Floral Blue

Kos Shel Miriam With Plate - Floral Blue

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Code: LAKM36-C

Colorful Cup 7'' H Plate 5.5'' D

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Dimensions:Cup 7'' H Plate 5.5'' D


This artistic Cup of Miriam set is part of the Lily Art design collection. The set includes a glass saucer and a stemmed large Kiddush cup. The glass saucer is masterfully color stained with three areas of colorful shading and an appliqued style decoration of half of a ball and leaves. The stemmed large styled glass Kiddush cup has a matching blue strip with an affixed metal pendant with the Hebrew words “Miriam Haneviah”, “Miriam the Prophetess”. 

The Lily Art collection is uniquely designed by hand in in the Israel town of Gan Yavne.  Under the leadership of Lily Shohat, an acclaimed artist, designer and creator of a variety of Judaica items, the Lily Art collection is recognized as a leader in unique Israeli Judaica design.