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White Waterproof Mezuzah Case

White 10 cm

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This solid white plastic mezuzah case is designed to close tightly after inserting the mezuzah parchment scroll, making it waterproof and suitable for outdoor use. The case is decorated with a gold colored “Shin”, the Hebrew alphabet letter that represents G-d’s name as a guardian of the home. The case is made from two parts, the holder and a back cover that detaches, allowing easy placement of the parchment.  The mezuzah case has two holes on each end allowing it to be easily affixed with nails to the doorpost.

The case is available in different lengths to accommodate different mezuzah scroll sizes.

While the mezuzah parchment is the essential part of the mezuzah obligation, it must be hung to a doorpost making a special case a necessity. The mezuzah parchment scroll is not included.