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Israel Map Stone Mezuzah Case-Kotel

Israel Map Stone Mezuzah Case-Kotel

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Code: MC-IM100-V

Off White 8'' x 2.3'' x .75

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Dimensions:8'' x 2.3'' x .75


This handcrafted stone mezuzah cover is carved and crafted by the widely acclaimed artist Dovi Leventhal. The mezuzah holder is chiseled and finished by hand and has a finishing touch of the Kotel and replicates the shape of Israel. The case has an embossed “Shin”, the Hebrew alphabet letter that represents G-d’s name as a guardian of the home. The “Shin” also represents G-d as the “Shomer Yisrael”, The Guardian of Israel. This attractive and unique mezuzah case will glorify the entrance of your home, office or any room, while showing support and praying for Devine protection over Israel.